Our Formulas

Before we set to work, we have an intake interview of about 15 to 30 minutes which is free of charge and without any obligation. If you then decide to start the process with Car-Matchers, you can choose between two formulas and a number of optional additional services.


What’s included?

  • Intake interview: what are your expectations, your questions, your goals
  • Detailed usage profiling: what are your preferences, how do you use your car, etc.
  • Determining the ideal engine type based on your usage profile and your fiscal & financial situation
  • Selection of 2 to 3 vehicle models for which we compare the costs in detail
  • Personalised advice to pick the right one of these models

Price for this formula: €245 excl. VAT

Additional cost simulations: €30 excl. VAT per vehicle

Consulting on finance method and customised cost simulation (renting/leasing) : € 60 excl. VAT


What’s included? All services in the STANDARD formula +

  • Requesting quotes at 2 dealers for 2 selected vehicle models
  • Negotiate with dealer for the chosen vehicle

Price for this formula: €475 excl. VAT

Additional quote requests: €30 excl. VAT per vehicle


Car-Matchers can take away even more worries by offering you the following services:

  • Requesting and comparing insurance quotes
  • Requesting and comparing quotes for financing, renting and leasing
  • Consultancy and advice when buying recent used cars
  • Consultancy and advice when buying charging infrastructure for electric and plug-in hybrid cars

Get in touch with us for more information without any obligation.


Do you have several company cars and are you looking for advice and support for your fleet? Car-Matchers can help you:

  • Draw up or modify a car policy
  • Transition to electric driving: driver profiling, cost analysis, charging infrastructure
  • Integrate alternative mobility (bicycle leasing, cafeteria plan, mobility budget, …)
  • Tendering: requesting quotes from dealers/importers, leasing companies, insurance brokers, …
  • Cost savings: analysis of the fleet and its suppliers • Buy recent used cars for your staff


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